Publication of Tom Lowenstein’s autobiography

Written by: Evan Lowenstein


by Tom Lowenstein

This candidly written memoir, enlivened by the author’s impish sense of humour, narrates the way in which, by chance and circumstance, Tom Lowenstein placed his career at the service of the Australian art world.
The book describes Lowenstein’s numerous David and Goliath battles with the Australian Government and the Australian Tax Office for a greater understanding and fairer treatment of the unique set of circumstances and numerous challenges faced by the country’s creative sectors.
Lowenstein’s interactions with his colourful and gregarious clients took him frequently out of the comfort of the corporate environment into the artists’ homes and studios. The personalities of Charles Blackman, Colin Lanceley, Margaret Olley, John Olsen, Garry Shead, Tim Storrier and many other luminaries of the art world are vividly brought out with unique insights and unexpected angles.
The book is richly illustrated with photographs from Lowenstein’s personal archives documenting his long-standing friendships and reflecting its heady mixture of accounting, art, and wine.

The Author

Tom Lowenstein OAM is one of Australia’s most respected tax accountants and financial advisors. He is the Founding Director of Lowensteins Arts Management and he has been providing specialist consulting, business, and taxation services to the arts and culture sector since the 1960s. Lowenstein’s political lobbying, generous philanthropy and passionate advocacy on behalf of visual and performing artists was recognised with the award of the Order of Australia Medal in 2016.
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“There are lovers and others. Fuck the others … Let’s drink to us, the lovers!” – John Olsen

“Tom, you don’t collect art, you collect artists!” – Charles Blackman