About Lowensteins

We have built our reputation servicing the arts community.

We have over 40 years experience in servicing the arts and providing specialist advice in financial, taxation and business areas.

About Lowensteins

Lowensteins offers its clients a complete business and taxation advisory service that differs from all other in one critical respect: the experience and standing of its principals.

We service the wider general business community as a whole with our experience in all areas of taxation law and advice.

We have established relationships with both Legal Firms and Financial Planners to enable our clients to access the best services available in the knowledge that their specific needs will be met.

We have built our reputation as specialists in the visual arts and other creative areas including Performing Artists, Writers, Academics, Journalists, Actors, Dancers, Models, Theatrical Producers and Filmmakers, Musicians, Craftspeople, Glass Artists, and Ceramicists.

The combined client base of both Melbourne and Sydney is close to 4000 artists from all artistic and creative disciplines. We also provide these services to the general arts industry, including Art Galleries and Dealers, Framers, Art Removalists, Technicians, and allied industries.