OzCo Resilience Fund

The Australia Council have created a program to assist struggling artists outside of all of the other forms of funding available.

They are directing approximately $5M to the Resilience Fund to provide immediate relief to the Australian arts sector.

The 2020 Resilience Fund is designed to provide emergency relief to support the livelihoods, practice and operations of Australian artists, groups and organisations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This funding can be combined with relief offered by other arts funding agencies, government departments, support services and philanthropy.

They have developed this program using input and ideas from the arts sector that was gathered by receiving input through various sector roundtables and discussions, feedback and ideas provided by artists and organisations .
There are three streams you can apply for:

Survive grants are available to individuals, groups and organisations to offset or recoup money lost due to cancelled activity. These grants provide stop-gap funding until relief offered by other funding agencies, government departments and support services can be accessed.
The amounts available are $2,000 for individuals and $5,000 for organisations.

Adapt grants are available to individuals, groups and organisations to adapt their practice and explore new ways of working. This could include skills and career development, business development, developing artistic practice, exploring new ways of connecting and collaborating inclusively, and increasing your digital capability.
The amounts available are $10,000 to individuals and $20,000 to organisations

Create grants enable individuals, groups and organisations to continue creating artistic work and/or develop creative responses in this time of disruption.
For existing work, they will support activities at all stages of development including research, creative development and presentation.
For new work, creative and innovative projects that build community participation, connection and cohesion, particularly for underrepresented diverse communities and those with less access to resources and opportunities are especially welcomed.

The amounts available are $10,000 to individuals and $20,000 to organisations
These 3 new funds can be accessed by the following link: