A Step Closer

With case numbers hitting zero two days in a row, we have finally seen some long needed relief from the restrictions we’ve been living with in Victoria.
While the changes in restrictions haven’t allowed us to return to the office just yet, we wanted to reach out to all of you who can return to your jobs or reopen your businesses and wish you the best and let you know that we are there supporting you.
To our staff, not long to go now. We again thank you for your patience and for embracing and conquering the many obstacles we’ve encountered along the way.
We will start the process of getting our office COVID ready extending our COVID safe plan at our office commencing next week.
We hope to re-open soon after that.
So, don’t forget that you still need to do tax returns and BAS lodgements so to that end:
We are still going to help you with lodging your documents, we are still going to communicate with you as best we can to assist you with your requirements and assistance packages.
So please do email us as much as needed to attend to your enquiries. We will try to get back to you with a response within the same day.
Email us your paperwork so we can complete your work requirements. We will try to process your work as soon as possible.
Email us invitations to your data files and we will accept them on the other end.
Include in your email the best number to contact you on if we need to give you a call.
We encourage you, if it’s easier, to set up Zoom or other similar meetings with us.
We will be trying our best to continue to provide you with the high level of service on which we pride ourselves.
In the meantime we wish you and your families to continue to stay safe and healthy.