Tom Lowenstein’s Next Move

Written by: Evan Lowenstein
After some six decades at the forefront of the accounting and taxation world, including Managing Partner of Lowenstein Sharp in all its various guises and, of course, his most recent incarnation -Founding Partner of Lowensteins Arts Management Pty Ltd – Tom Lowenstein has taken the difficult decision to announce his retirement effective in January 2022.

Tom, who has been a wonderful mentor to not just me, his son, but to countless staff members over the years, leaves an amazing legacy of service to his clients; and also, a level of professionalism and an untarnished professional reputation over all his years as a trusted adviser to all his clients.

He has managed to achieve what nowadays is a difficult feat whereby most of his clients are also counted amongst his closest friends.

Tom has chosen this time to leave with the business now in the extremely capable hands of the next generation.

Partners who are all known to you: Evan Lowenstein, Adam Micmacher, Michael Zillig and Piyush Thakrar are well placed to lead the company for the next few years, continuing Tom’s tradition in providing wonderful and high-quality advice and service to all our clients.

We also acknowledge his partner of sixty-one years, Sylvia, and recognise both this unique partnership of two different but ideally complementary people; and also Sylvia’s role in Tom’s professional life as a trusted adviser and confidante.

We also should acknowledge the leading role that Tom has played in the creative area of the practice. As a result of Tom’s tireless efforts to seek a better deal for artists, many successful lobbying campaigns have resulted in reforms that recognise artists’ rights and improve the economic viability of the arts industry – not just via the Australian Taxation Office but some whole-of-government initiatives as well.

One just has to think of the lengthy political campaign for the Save Super Art that Tom spearheaded in 2010, where he managed to galvanise the disparate arts bodies, including all artists and art galleries, to realise that the impact he has made on the professionalism of the arts industry is indeed far-reaching.

His autobiography titled “Lovers and Others” goes into wonderful detail about all his professional trials and tribulations and so it is a superb memoir of this most interesting professional.

We wish Tom all the best for the future as he moves on to pursue his other interests away from the office.