Tax Tips: Tax lodgement reminder


A timely reminder to all our clients who must have their tax returns lodged by the middle of May 2022 to avoid penalties.

Please let us have your tax information that you can send via email or post now. In certain circumstances you might be part of a face-to-face interview. Please submit to us in good time so we can prepare it well before deadlines.


Is seems to me that the ATO are not going to be as kind and as generous as they were during the heights of the pandemic in their responses to requests for payment plans, debt collection and outstanding lodgements.

From recent communications and experience in dealing with the ATO, they appear to be taking a harder line against non-compliance issues, ranging from lodgements to debts outstanding. Our expectation is that audit activity will be on the increase.

This trend could also be taken as a call to action by taking up Lowensteins’ offer for audit insurance.

One also needs to be mindful of these issues when managing your tax affairs.

As your trusted tax advisors, we stand ready to assist you in dealing with these and any tax issues arising.