NSW Assistance Details

To our clients and friends, we continue to travel through these difficult times with you

NSW Government Assistance … noting that this is support provided via the NSW Government platform
At this stage there is still insufficient information available to tell you in great detail how the grant program works

As a starting point now, you can go to the NSW Government website and now register at:
At this stage the application will put you in line to receive information and then progress once it goes live on 19th July
To help avoid delays in completing your application:
NSW Government Assistance … noting that this is support provided via the Australian Government platform



There is funding available to individuals via the Australian Government with applications processed via your myGov account
There are links within the platform that take you to the COVID-19 Disaster Payment to determine your eligibility
Importantly …
  • Funding is currently available only to people who can demonstrate that they are in the first 7 declared local government areas (LGA’s)

  • If you are not in these areas and you apply now your claim will be rejected

  • For the remainder of NSW, applications open at 8am on Sunday 18th July

It is our understanding once your application has been accepted that the payment will become a regular payment until the Government advises that it ends
On this basis, you will not need to re-apply and the payments will be extended if lock down is extended.

We continue to write to you to let you know that in accordance with the NSW Government our office is currently closed

While we are disappointed, we are supportive of the Government’s approach to managing the current COVID numbers and hopefully getting the state down to as lower numbers as possible.

At the same time, we have our fingers and toes crossed that the numbers may come down at a faster pace which may allow us an earlier return.

As per our previous notes to you,

Yes, we are still open, we are still taking your calls, we are still receiving your emails, we are still going to help you with lodging your documents, we are still going to communicate with you as best we can to assist you with your requirements and assistance packages.

So please do email us as much as needed to attend to your enquiries. We will try to get back to you with a response within the same day.

Email us your paperwork so we can complete your work requirements. We will try to process your work as soon as possible.

Email us invitations to your data files and we will accept them on the other end. Include in your email the best number to contact you on if we need to give you a call.

We encourage you, if it’s easier, to set up Zoom or other similar meetings with us.

We (in Sydney), like you, are working from our homes trying our best to continue to provide you with the high level of service on which we pride ourselves.