Lowensteins Staff Announcements

It is with great pleasure that the Directors of Lowensteins announce that Mr Piyush Thakrar, who until recently has been our Senior Accountant, has been promoted to the management team and has been appointed as a Senior Associate.
Piyush has been with our firm for just over two and a half years and during that time he has demonstrated great skills and abilities that have enabled our clients to be assisted to achieve the best outcome as far as their business and tax affairs are concerned.

Piyush has a Bachelor Of Business (Accounting) from Swinburne University and is a CPA.
Piyush concentrates on clients who are our larger commercial entities and is able to advise on all aspects of tax law and business structures.
His friendly and approachable manner and endless patience have certainly warranted this promotion within the firm. We trust that all of our clients who have met him will certainly agree.

Lyn Faulkner

For many of our clients, Lyn is the untiring advocate for your best tax interests.
 As she is celebrating thirty years working with Lowensteins and around fifty years’ practice as an accountant, it is timely to reflect on her achievements and what she has accomplished with us.
When Lyn started with us back in 1987, she had just started to show an interest in the arts and had only a few arts based clients. Now she is responsible for preparing over 2000 tax returns a year and has two or three people assisting her in what has become our fastest-growing area of the firm.
Lyn has become an invaluable resource to many of our clients and she has also become a great friend and advocate for the arts. Everyone who has come into the office to meet her has been impressed by her efficiency.
She shows a genuine interest in the arts and has been great at encouraging our younger artists and some not-so-young new artists. Lyn has also supported artists by building up a lovely personal art collection by purchasing art herself.