Evan’s Corner: It’s a very internal looking time

Written by: Evan Lowenstein
As I am sitting here in my home office, for many weeks on end, I have had plenty of time to reflect on what the pandemic has meant on a personal level to me, my family and friends, clients and work colleagues.
I think it has led to much introspection and by virtue of the nature of the restrictions has made me look internally to a greater extent than my normal outgoing expansive view of the world.
We all miss going out to see friends, family and going to events. Being so involved in the arts, it has been particularly hard not to do the normal weekend gallery hopping and attending so many of the most wonderful gallery openings that we all enjoy.
I think what makes it all so much harder here in Victoria but which has been the same for many of you, was that we had a brief respite from the harsh restrictions late last year. We enjoyed a fair bit of activity in early 2021 and I almost thought it was all over as we started dining out again, going to a few concerts and plays, going to some art openings – all well attended – only to have them cruelly shut down again.
I have made mention of the great satisfaction it has given me to be able to dispense advice and administer the various State and Federal grants that so many of our artist clients have applied for as they try and navigate this landscape of closures, loss of income and productivity.
I always try and instil some degree of positivity in all my interactions with my clients and friends and hope that gives them some comfort during this difficult time.
As far as we here at Lowensteins go, it is important to show leadership in such a crisis and to that extent the Directors have been very concerned to ensure that all our staff are well looked after and cared for. I regularly check in to see how they are all doing and we hold regular zoom meetings to ensure morale and health is maintained., Happily I can report that we are all doing well.
I have been especially mindful of some clients who may be experiencing some depression and ill health and my team and I always try to project some hope and promise for a happier future.
We have been giving our clients, when requested some tips as to how to survive financially during this difficult time and they have very much appreciated these business survival tips.
Not just the Government assistance grants which have been enormously helpful but things like rental deferrals, bank negotiations and managing cash flow have all been part of our tool box to assist clients.
I take comfort in the fact that we are slowly all taking on board government and medical community messages of the need for urgent vaccinations and would certainly encourage those of you that aren’t already vaccinated to take up the offers as a way of ensuring we can get back to some form of normality as soon as we can.
As we emerge from these seemingly endless weeks of lockdown, I am confident that things can return to normal with artists and performers plying their craft and skills for the benefit of all of us.
In reporting the news from Melbourne, the ABC reached out to its audience with contact information from various government sources and not-for-profit bodies:


Source: ABC News