Closure of the Castlemaine Art Gallery

It is with great sadness that we learned of the closure of the Castlemaine Art Gallery, one of Regional Victoria’s premier art institutions. 
In their letter, Jan Savage, Chair, Castlemaine Art Museum Board, and Bryon Cunningham, Deputy Chair, Castlemaine Art Museum Board, state: 

The Board of the Castlemaine Art Museum (CAM) announced today that museum will temporarily close to the public, effective Friday 11 August 2017.
The museum is currently facing a range of operational and strategic challenges.
  • Significant reductions in revenue, along with deep-rooted vulnerabilities in financial structures
  • Extensive compliance, maintenance and infrastructure demands arising from a heritage-listed building
  • The need for intensive planning around governance, financial sustainability and proposed building redevelopment

In the light of these challenges, the Board has determined that CAM must focus its resources and activities on developing a sustainable operational and financial model, a strong network of partners and sponsors, and a feasible plan for the upgrading and expansion of the building.
The Board’s goal is to undertake a full review of operations and develop a blueprint for the future and reopening museum. CAM will be supported in the pursuit of these targets by Creative Victoria, Mt Alexander Shire Council and Regional Development Victoria. CAM seeks to re-open as a stable and sustainable organisation, delivering the ambitious cultural programming that regional audiences deserve.
The Board thanks our Director and staff members of CAM for their unflagging commitment to the museum, their tireless work and their dedication to the cultural life of the community.
The Board acknowledges the support of all our visitors who attend and participate in events, as well as the interest and support from the community of Mt Alexander Shire, and beyond.
The Board is also grateful for the support of partners such as our Trustees, Mt Alexander Shire Council and Creative Victoria, and especially to our passionate members’ group who have energetically supported recent changes to governance and programming at the museum. We want to reassure supporters that the Board will work hard to preserve and revitalise CAM.
During closure, the museum building will remain functional as a secure facility housing art works and historical items of significance to the Castlemaine community.