JobKeeper Step 2

Identify and maintain your eligible Employees

Now that you have enrolled in the JobKeeper program by completing the requirements of Step 1 – Enrol, there is another hurdle to jump that actually facilitates the release of funds to you.

Step 2

Identify and maintain your eligible Employees
We enclose a link that will assist clients in fulfilling the requirements.—sole-traders/?anchor=step2
  By following this link, you need to report your employees using TFN, Dates of birth and advise the ATO which fortnights you will be claiming.
Most eligible employers will select Fortnight 1 and Fortnight 2 (FN1 and FN2.)
  This link will also give you an opportunity to list any additional eligible employees who are not in your prefilled list originally reported in Step 1. This form will also request your actual revenue net of GST for the month of April and projected revenue for May.

Reporting Turnover

The next link contains details about calculating turnover as required.

We have extracted the most salient points here:
Projected GST turnover and current GST turnover excludes the following:
  • GST you included in sales to your customers (if any)
  • sales that are input taxed sales (for example, bank interest, sale of shares, residential rental income)
  • sales not connected with an enterprise that you carry on ( for example, sale of private car)
  • sales that are not made for payment (unless a taxable supply to an associate)
  • payments for no supply (for example, JobKeeper payments)
  • gifts and donations (except for deductible gift recipients and ACNC-registered charities as discussed above)
  • sales not connected with Australia, for example  
  • sales of services made through a business you carry on outside Australia
  • sales of goods purchased and sold from a place outside Australia
  • sale of real property situated outside Australia.

Important Dates

Once you have completed the form, you need to be aware of the key dates :
  • From May 4 start identifying eligible employees you have until 31 May to do this.
  • May 8 Deadline for payments to your eligible employees for the first 2 fortnights
  • May 31 Deadline for enrolling in JobKeeper scheme.
  • Please be aware all employees need to be paid on or before the end of the fortnight, e.g., the 4th Fortnight ends on 24 May , all eligible employees should be paid on or before that date.

Here is another handy link that details all relevant dates:

We stand ready to assist those of you who require our services.