457 Visa Changes target the Cultural Sector

It has come to our attention that 457 Visa changes will affect the Cultural Sector. The list of “removed occupations” includes:
  • Actor;
  • Actors, Dancers, and Other Enter Entertainers NEC;
  • Art Director (Film, Television, or Stage);
  • Artistic Director;
  • Author;
  • Community Arts Worker;
  • Composer;
  • Director of Photography;
  • Entertainer or Variety Artist;
  • Film, Television, Radio and Stage Directors;
  • Gallery or Museum Technician;
  • Historian;
  • Music Director;
  • Music Professionals NEC;
  • Painter (Visual Arts);
  • Potter or ceramic artist;
  • Sculptor [actually spelled “sculpter” in the document!];
  • Television Presenter.